Charter concepts

If it has wings, we rent it

Farewell boring, slow or inaccessible commercial flights. Welcome to a custom-organised charter flight. Whether it’s one hundred or one thousand guests: our charter flights bring your guests to the right destination on time. For an incentive, for an event, for whatever. And yes, we know the world is big, but just tell us where you want to board and land and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Charter flights are ideal for:

Personalised air services

Any request you have in mind

Pamper your group with a personalised charter flight and enjoy an unforgettable experience. How? You choose. Here are a few suggestions. From a plane with your logo to customised head rests, from culinary catering to personalised hors d'oeuvres. We can fulfil your most exotic requests.

Maximum comfort and flexibility. Yep, we’re committed. So you can enjoy a carefree flight in style. Of course we make room for event or product branding, but especially for practical benefits. Exclusive and fast check-in desk, extra luggage weight or a reception full of pomp and circumstance. You name it, we make it happen.

Get inspired

Private jets

Now it’s personal

A relaxing weekend in St. Tropez, a quick trip to New York for that one important business contract or a weekly connection to Hong Kong. Your private jet is ready and waiting. Before you know it, you’ve landed right in the middle of all the action. Exactly where you want to be.

Business or pleasure: enjoy the freedom and create leisure time. A private flight brings you to where you want to be; quickly, efficiently and in style. Even to the other side of the world. No waiting, no limitations. And you’re trusty dog is more than welcome to fly by your side.