Charter a Jet for Film Making

As real as it gets.

The Aviation Factory is market leader in the Benelux in customized private air travel. But our expertise goes far beyond that.

We can offer any type of aircraft for any mission. Especially interesting to the film industry, which often requires a very specific type of aircraft and configuration to shoot certain parts of a film or series. The Aviation Factory can be your partner in these endeavors. 

You can trust our team's expertise to deliver you the best possible support before, during and after the shoot. We can also help you find a suitable location and arrange any extras you may need.

Our team embraces demanding projects, where they can give all they have to make the flights truly "tailor-made" to your wishes.

We are at your service, 24/7. Contact us for a custom quote, or call +32 (0) 32 39 60 00

“No matter what, we go the extra mile, so you can make the difference."

Any Type of Aircraft

If it has wings, we rent it.

Be it a small single-engine Cessna, or the "Queen of the Skies" B747, we are always up for a challenge.

7,500. That's about as many different aircraft we could get you. We're sure at least one of them will suit your mission.

You can scroll through all the aircraft here.

Case: Netflix

In December 2020, we brought a 32-seat Airbus A318 to Antwerp, a very first for the airport. The aircraft was used for 3 consecutive nights to shoot the Belgian Netflix thriller-series "Into The Night". The event attracted lots of attention from press, aviation enthusiasts, spotters, airport personnel and neighborhood residents. 

In the media:

Why The Aviation Factory?

We are the number 1 aircraft rental expert in the Benelux. It's that simple.

In the sluggish aviation industry, The Aviation Factory is the speedy and graceful gazelle. Since 2000, we are the connection between unique requests and endless possibilities. No request is too much. No challenge too big. The more than 3000 flights per year on all continents are proof of that.

We provide charter planes for large groups, fast jets for private flights to helicopters for bungee jumping: from New York to St. Tropez, from London to Vladivostok. We fly worldwide. You choose the destination, we organize the flight with a smile. Even when it has to be done yesterday. That just gives us an extra chance to prove ourselves as the great flight planners we are.

The Aviation Factory flies where you want, when you want. Like a creative laboratory, we get people in the air and on the move. We look at and respond to all the aspects of flying. From a tailor-made reception, a faultless flight to culinary delights in the air. Have a great flight.

With 3000+ flights each year, we can get you any aircraft at the very best prices.

Don't just believe us, believe our clients. With an average Trustpilot score of 4.9/5, it's clear our clients love us.