You’ll never walk/fly alone

Reds, here we come

Sports challenge

Frank Devos Reizen called asking if we could fly the players from FC Brugge, media, sponsors and eight hundred fans – yep, 800 – to Manchester. “Always in for a sports challenge”, we thought. The team was our highest priority: a full football stadium without players, now that’s just ridiculous. So we flew the stars and the coaches with an Airbus 320-200 to the home of the Red Devils, in style. Three flight coordinators in Ostend & Brussels and two in Manchester ensured quick check in and transportation to the hotel. Flying in style, even fun for football stars.


Then there was the media, sponsors and 800 enthusiastic fans. The solution: two Boeings and two Airbuses. The football songs – honestly, we didn’t understand much of what they were singing - were sung with great gusto during the flight. But that was not all. The pubs and lagers were also a huge success. Of course the absolute top – what else – the exciting Champions League match. That Club Brugge lost with 3-1 couldn’t spoil the fun. Goooaaal!

Reds, here we come
“Always in for a sports challenge”