Then we take Berlin

Oui, monsieur

The assignment from a French events planner was clear: bring 1,200 passengers to a convention in Berlin in style, but first and foremost, on time. Where do you start? One word: charters.

Do the bus stop

Easy peasy for The Aviation Factory France. The convention goers arrived at the Paris Orly and Lyon airports in the morning. It was a short wait. After the obligatory croissant et café, three planes were ready and waiting. Final destination: wunderbar Berlin. 27 buses – yes, that’s an entire fleet – were waiting for the passengers at Schönefeld. After a short power nap on the bus, the convention was ready to begin.

Olympic record

Three Aviation Factory supervisors travelled along to Berlin. Not to visit the Berlin Wall, but to ensure smooth travel both to and from Berlin. And how. An unheard of check-in time of barely 90 minutes at the Schönefeld airport. In record time And certainly when you know that the standard procedure usually takes 3 hours or more. All of the check-in desks were open for the convention delegates. A toast to the fantastic collaboration. Gesundheit!

Oui, monsieur