The giant challenge

Attempt at an hourly record

Airport with a full makeover

We went in search of the Spanish sun for a French multinational with 2,000 passengers in our wake.

The weekend began on that Friday. In just one hour, we welcomed 2,000 people in an airport that was transformed for the occasion. The airport was given a complete makeover, including full branding. That’s what they call arriving in style. Just a short while earlier, our passengers boarded their customised charter flight in one of the ten departure points in France. Our flight managers kept the departures well under control: a question of not leaving anything to chance for our customer and our two Airbuses and three Boeings.

¡Ay, caramba!

And what about the return home on Sunday? If you can resolve a logistical challenge once, then it must also be manageable the second time around. So, we just did it all over again. Oh, yes, by the way, we also coordinated another 23 flights that very same weekend. Ay caramba, indeed!

The Numbers

  • 2000 passengers transported on 3 days
  • 11 aircraft dedicated for 1 client
  • 34 flights in 1 weekend
  • coming from 10 different locations
  • great team work
Attempt at an hourly record
¡Ay, caramba!