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Nestled amidst the serene peaks of the Swiss Alps, Sion offers a breathtaking blend of medieval charm and natural beauty. Picture this: snow-capped mountains greeting you as you descend, the rich tapestry of history unraveling before your eyes in its castles and churches. And if you're thinking of the most luxurious way to touch down in this winter wonderland, then think of The Aviation Factory.

Jet Setting to Sion with The Aviation Factory

We are your ticket to an unparalleled journey to Sion, Switzerland.

Comfort Meets Altitude: Flying to Sion is not just about reaching your destination. It's about how you get there. At The Aviation Factory, we're dedicated to ensuring that your journey to the Swiss Alps is nothing short of luxurious. Imagine sipping your favorite champagne, enjoying panoramic views of the snowy mountains, all from the comfort of your plush leather seat. Now, that's travel done right!

Navigate with Precision: Sion has a unique airport, tucked amid the mountains. Not every airline can navigate this. But with our expertise in handling challenging terrains and decades of experience, we've landed at Sion more times than we can count. A bit like an eagle effortlessly navigating the mountain wind currents, don't you think?

Stress-Free Voyage: Travel anxiety? We don't know her. Our commitment to your comfort ensures a peaceful and effortless journey from takeoff to touchdown. You can relax, reminisce or ready yourself for the Swiss magic, all aboard your personal haven.

Unbounded Baggage: Those skis, snowboards, and bulky winter gear can be a hassle for regular flights. But with The Aviation Factory, the sky's the limit – literally! No more fretting over luggage limits; bring it all along.

A private flight brings you where you need to be, quickly and efficiently, in style. And yes, even if it’s the other side of the world. The exclusive, personal service with all kinds of extra luxuries is of course included. No waiting, no limitationsEven your trusty dog is welcome onboard.

Go Skiing by Private Jet in Sion

Ski slopes as smooth as a Swiss watch

Sion, located in the Swiss Alps, is a top spot for skiing. The slopes are clean and well-maintained, perfect for both beginners and experts. As you ski, you get great views of the mountains and the town below. And when you're done for the day, there are plenty of places in Sion to relax, grab a good meal, and talk about your day on the slopes. 

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