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Life is good in the city of Antwerp

Antwerp is a unique city in the North of Belgium and is often called the city of fashion or diamonds. Moreover, is Belgium’s biggest port located in Antwerp, and was Antwerp home to the 16th century painter Pieter Paul Rubens. It does not matter if you want to visit this vivid city or need to be in Antwerp for business, The Aviation Factory will plan your flight seamlessly. We will design your entire journey exactly as you wish.

Why Private Jet or Helicopter?

By traveling with a private jet or helicopter you will experience numerous advantages; Forget queuing, skip waiting for luggage, arrive minutes prior to departure, and overall experience a tailor-made flight.

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Airport Antwerp

In order to avoid large crowds and traffic, you can land/ take off in Antwerp's small but cosy airport in Deurne, which is located 6 km away from Antwerp’s city centre.

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