Video: Bombardier Global 7500 Private Jet Tour


To aid in our goal of being 100% transparent and knowledgeable about the aircraft we charter, we decided to start creating short videos, each giving you a virtual tour of a different type private charter aircraft.

We also answer some frequently asked questions, such a

  •  "How much luggage can I take?"
  • "How do I sleep on board?"
  • and "What does the catering look like?"

In this video, we give you a virtual tour of the stunning Bombardier Global 7500 long-range business jet!

Bombardier Global 7500

Welcome onboard the Bombardier Global 7500, the world’s largest and longest-range business jet.

Within its luxurious interior are four true living spaces, a full-size kitchen and a dedicated crew suite. Elevate your flight experience and discover the uninhibited freedom and tailored luxury of the Global 7500 aircraft — a new class of business jet.

With a 7,700 nautical mile (14,000+ km) range, the Global 7500 can fly non-stop between New York and Hong Kong or Singapore and San Francisco. And this at speeds of Mach 0.925 (1,100 km/h or 709 mph).

Follow along, as private jet broker Emy gives you a virtual tour on board this luxurious private jet.

You can watch the video here:

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