For sale: Hawker 750


Presenting the Hawker 750, a sophisticated light-midsized corporate jet. Sharing the same body and wings as the esteemed Hawker 800 series, the 750 takes the lead in its class with the most expansive cabin available in the light-midsize aircraft category. In addition to its predecessor, this jet also surpasses expectations by providing an impressive 79 cubic feet of luggage storage capacity.

Offered for sale by The Aviation Factory, the Hawker 750 is a prime choice for discerning business travelers. For further details and acquisition information, don't hesitate to contact our Sales & Acquisitions specialist, Mike, who is eager to assist you.  /  +32 (0)485 36 48 41

8 passengers
3600 km
796 km/h
Cabin Height
5 ft 9 In
Cabin Width
6 ft
Cabin Length
21 ft 4 In
Luggage capacity
79 cu ft
Takeoff Distance
4695 ft
Landing Distance
3803 ft
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For sale: Hawker 750
For sale: Hawker 750
For sale: Hawker 750
For sale: Hawker 750