Aircraft Sales & Acquisitions

The Aviation Factory as your transparent, experienced partner

Would you like to sell or purchase an aircraft, but you’re not quite sure where to start? We can help. Let us guide you through the process; step-by-step.

Being totally independent, we work for you, not for an aircraft factory. We will give what we have to find you the right deal.

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Aircraft Currently for Sale

We currently have 1 aircraft in our inventory of ready-to-be-sold aircraft.

Of course, we can assist you in finding any other type of aircraft that best suits your needs. Get in touch with our specialized brokers today via email to or by phone on +32 (0) 32 39 60 00.

Buying an Airplane

What Kind of Airplane Should I Buy?

First, you must consider the mission of your aircraft. Will you fly primarily by yourself? With friends and family? Which aircraft matches your flight profile.

More Than Meets the Eye

Aircraft owners are generally smart, successful individuals who excel in their trade. They are the experts at what they do. Thus, when it comes to buying an airplane, they sometimes feel as though they can make the purchase on their own without any assistance. This might be true, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will get the best value in the airplane they buy either. A “good deal” does not always turn out to be a good deal in the long run.

The Airplane Buying Process

  • Defining the mission
  • Choosing the aircraft
  • Market evaluation and analysis
  • Choosing the top candidates
  • Evaluating the history and maintenance records
  • Pre-buy inspection & flight evaluation
  • Final negotiations
  • Purchase agreement
  • Escrow & title search
  • Aircraft closing

We can help guide you through every step of the airplane buying process to help make sure that you have a pleasant and enjoyable experience, rather than a stressful one. Our services also provide assistance with finding insurance, financing, and making training arrangements.

Selling Your Airplane?

We can assist you with all aspects of the selling your aircraft including the following:

  • Establishing a worldwide marketing campaign
  • Determining the appropriate resale value and listing price
  • Providing online and print advertising
  • Screening phone calls and qualifying prospects
  • Assisting with negotiations
  • Preparation of aircraft pre-purchase agreements
  • Guiding you through the escrow and title transfer process
  • Delivery and training to the aircraft buyer, if needed

Why The Aviation Factory?

We are the number 1 aircraft rental expert in the Benelux, it's that simple.

In the sluggish aviation industry, The Aviation Factory is the speedy and graceful gazelle. Since 2000, we are the connection between unique requests and endless possibilities. No request is too much. No challenge too big. The more than 3000 flights per year on all continents are proof of that.

We provide charter planes for large groups, fast jets for private flights to helicopters for bungee jumping: from New York to St. Tropez, from London to Vladivostok. We fly worldwide. You choose the destination, we organize the flight with a smile. Even when it has to be done yesterday. That just gives us an extra chance to prove ourselves as the great flight planners we are.

Don't just believe us, believe our clients. With an average Trustpilot score of 4.9/5, it's clear our clients love us.